• Portico of Sta. Mary, Abbey Tower, Barbacana Celtiberian Pond, Charming clock and Saint John the Baptist Church
  • Laguardia lake system nature reserve.
  • La Hoya archaelogical site and museum.
  • Day of the bagpipe player. May.
  • Festivals of Saint John the Baptist and San Pedro. June.
  • The articulated nativity scene of Santa María. December 25, January 1 and 6 and February 6.

Founded in the 10th century as a defensive stronghold of the Kingdom of Navarre, Laguardia / Biasteri stands on a small hill and its medieval layout has been preserved almost intact. At either end of the village, you will find the fortified churches of Saint John the Baptist and Santa María de los Reyes, with its exceptional, superbly-conserved polychrome 17th-century portico.

Nearby, you can see the Torre Abacial, an old castle from which the battlements have been removed and refurbished as a bell tower. Its narrow streets converge on the Plaza de San Juan where you will find the Casa Palacio del Fabulista Samaniego, who was born in this village. Today, it houses the Tourist Office.

One of the oldest civil buildings is La Primicia, which dates from the 14th century. Virtually every house in the village has its own winery, and as a result, the subsoil of the whole village is riddled with an underground system of caves and vaults. In Laguardia / Biasteri, a large number of civic-religious traditions are maintained. The festivals of Saint John the Baptist and San Pedro in June have a magic all of their own.

Laguardia Tourism Office: turismo@laguardia-alava.com

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