• Gothic fountain.
  • Chapel of La Bercijana.
  • Festival of thanksgiving. August.
  • Ancient olive oil press
  • San juan Bautista Church
  • Festivity of Santo Domingo

The village of Yécora is placed on the hill surrounded by vineyards and cereal crops. Its old Gothic fountain, which stands in a charming little corner in the eastern part of the village, is of special interest. Little more than 1 km from the village centre, there stands the chapel of Santa María de Bercijana, which was built between the 13th and 14 centuries. The construction of the sanctuary, the choice of the place and the name of the image relate very closely to the belief that the Virgin Mary appeared on the hills to Berciján, a shepherd of Yécora.

On August 25, there is a festival in honour of La Anunciación. The whole village walks down to the chapel in procession, behind a group of local dancers.

On the Saturday before May 12, festival of Santo Domingo, there is also a procession to the chapel. On that day, there is a dance called “la cadena” and the image of the Virgin Mary of Bercijana (14th century) is taken to the church. The male dancers wear a brightly-coloured overskirt over white trousers and shirt and a blue band across their chest.

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Historic buildingHistoric building
Oil pressOil press
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