• La Póveda. Promenade with marvellous views of the river Ebro.
  • Uztaberri. Wine festival held in February.
  • Festivals of San Blas. February.
  • Festivals of San Bartolomé. August.
  • Hostel for pilgrims of Ignatian Way.

This village, on the banks of the river Ebro, owes its name to a boat that used to cross the river, joining the region of Sonsierra, which belonged to the Kingdom of Navarre, with the Kingdom of Castile. It is curious to note that the boatman´s contract, dated in 1571, stipulated that the money paid by passengers on Sundays and on the days of Our Lady, had to be handed over to the sacristan of the church.

Today, it is a very recommendable experience to walk along the banks of the river Ebro, the Paseo de la Póveda, to see its vineyards.

You can also visit the 16th century Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, which was built on an ancient cemetery. In the Calle del Mediodía you can see an 18th-century mansion.

The long-seated tradition of the wine culture in this region can be seen in the Barrio de Las Cuevas, where a number of wineries, built in the 17th and 18th centuries, riddled the small hill located to the west of the village.

For a number of years now, the Uztaberri wine festival is held in February, during which vine-growers and winemakers celebrate each new wine harvest.

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Panoramic viewPanoramic view
Historic buildingHistoric building

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