• Medieval quarter: Walls, Church of San Miguel, Fuente del Moro, etc.
  • Pinar de Dueñas.
  • Festivals in honour of San Roque. August 16.
  • Festivals of San Miguel. September 29.
  • Event: Tocamerroque doll. Friday, start of the August festivities.

Labraza occupies a commanding position on the horizon as one approaches the village, and on arrival one finds narrow streets, alleyways and an ambience that takes us back to the times when it was an important fortified town and a major player in many wars in the middle ages. Its walls contain towers and machicolations that are considered to be treasures of our historical heritage.

Entering the walled enclosure via the south gate, a series of narrow alleys lead to the church of San Miguel, whose Gothic walls form part of the village´s defences. It is interesting to visit the Fuente del Moro, dating from the 14th century. Inside there is a spout decorated with a carved Gothic head of the Moor that gives this fountain its name. The fountain concealed a secret passage leading  to a place inside the village. It was an ingenious way of obtaining water during sieges.

Recently, the Walled Towns Friendship Circle has granted Labraza the World Walled Town of the Year award. This award is granted every three years to innovative projects that cover the management, conservation and restoration of this type of historical fortifications.

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Medieval centre Medieval centre