• Church of San Andrés.
  • Festivities of San Torcuato. May 15.
  • Festivities of San Andrés. November 30.

The village is distributed on both sides of the river Herrera, which runs through a deep valley. Its more important civil buildings include the Casa del Marqués de Solana or the Casa del Indiano, with its relief by Santiago Matamoros. Its parish church is dedicated to San Andrés, and was built between the 16th and 18th centuries.

A visit to the chapel of San Torcuato and Santa María, where you can see the remains of its original Romanesque construction in the apse, is well worth the trouble. 

The charming village square is a perfect meeting place and the heart of the social life of the village. Villabuena is the perfect place for mountain bike enthusiasts as there are innumerable tracks through the vineyards.

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