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Landscape and People

The link between wineries, tourism, gastronomy, architecture and art is reinventing one of the most attractive regions in the international wine panorama. The new Wine Route, with its peculiar itinerary and its many attractions, has consolidated the Rioja Alavesa region as an inexcusable destination for the traveller seeking flavour, landscape and new sensations.

Man, land and wine; these are the key features of the Rioja Alavesa district, a region that is only three hundred square kilometres, bordering with the River Ebro to the south and, to the north, with the towering Cantabria Mountains, an ash-coloured massif that one never tires of viewing; like fire in the fireplace or the open ocean horizon.

The district, which spans fifteen municipalities, is a mysterious and immense sea of vines and furrows where the eye takes in a collection of medieval towns, municipalities bearing historical and cultural testimonies, of fine stately mansions, an infinite number of wineries where innovation combines with tradition, ancient craftsmanship with modernity, because, in these lands, the culture of wine is present in all things.

It is a route that, thanks to its moderate length and ease of access, invites to be travelled throughout the day, between walled enclosures, traces of Renaissance and Baroque, dolmens and olive trees, Gothic churches of serene and fragile beauty, hills and meadows of vineyards where titanium wings and wave-shaped giant vats predominate; and the people who understand that co-existence, hospitality and a warm welcome is a way of life.

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